A short video about The Seasons Performance Hall history and current live-stream project

A Short History of The Seasons

The Seasons is a repurposed Christian Science Church which was built starting in 1917. It is one of the most spectacular historical churches in Yakima. It is currently under consideration for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places and we are discovering rich troves of history as we submit documents for review.

The Seasons Music Festival is a community non-profit organization founded in Yakima and designated tax-exempt in 2005. Its initial purpose was to present musical performances in The Seasons Performance Hall, and showcase the beautiful historical hall with impeccable acoustics.

In 2009, the non-profit received a donation of the Performance Hall itself from the Strosahl Family, a local philanthrope with ties to the arts and music community. Thereafter, the mission of The Seasons Music Festival was expanded to include owning and managing The Seasons Performance Hall.